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Heiniger Saphir Horse (35w) Cordless (#10W)


The Saphir Horse offers you all the freedom you need, either in your surgery or outside in the barn or stable.

Supplied with two high capacity batteries, charger unit, #10W blades & carry case.

A powerful, rechargeable clipper designed for all-day, heavy-duty use. Thanks to the lithium-ionic battery technology, there is no need for power cord at all. The clipper will run continuously for one hour with a fully charged battery and the recharging time is less than 45 minutes.

All well known A5 type blades will fit the Saphir clipper and the accurate blade support will keep the blades in firm position reducing wear and tear. The very well balanced Saphir clipper weighs only 440 g - the lightest cordless clipper in its class available on the market today.