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New or re-sharpened clipper blades should be correctly adjusted and when clipping, regularly oiled and re-tensioned to maintain efficiency

To set the blade tension, follow the instructions below:

1.With the clipper turned OFF (unplugged)

2.Loosen the tension nut anticlockwise until the blades become loose,

3.Turn the tension nut clockwise until you feel the nut coming up against resistance,

4.Plug in your clipper, and switch the clipper on,

5.Loosen the tension nut slowly until the blades are no longer under pressure and run freely, they will start to become noisy, at this point STOP!

6.Slowly tighten the tension nut until you feel resistance and hear the sound of the blades change,(also you might hear a slight change in the sound of the motor of the clipper especially on the less powerful clipper models).at this point STOP!

7.Tighten (turn clockwise) the tension nut by a MAXIMUM of ½ a turn, your clipper blades should now be set to their BASE SETTING.

8.Lubricate the blades.

9.Well Done! Your clipper blades are now ready to clip

10.If your clipper does not produce a satisfactory result, then fine tuning of the blades may be required, this should only take between ¼ of a turn (clockwise if over tight or counter clockwise if to loose) either way of the BASE SETTING (a small adjustment may be required from time to time during the clip ).

Warning: If the clipper BASE SETTING is set too loose, then on first using the clipper, the clipper will not clip satisfactory, and the hair that is cut, will clog between the blades. Turn off the clipper, and remove the blades. Remove any hair from between the surfaces, as it will foul the guides and will not allow a satisfactory cut, and any further adjustment will not change the quality of the clip, this hair must be removed, and the blade adjustment procedure started again from point 1